Pedagogical Suggestions Using Speeches/Documents from the State Ratification Pages

Analyzing Arguments

This is a lesson that analyzes the rhetoric and arguments of the ratification debates.

Reading and Evaluating Political Satire

This lesson uses five primary sources and evaluates them using a spectrum.

  • Before working with the essays/documents in this lesson, you may want to briefly review with the class the two major types of satire; Horatian and Juvenalian.

*Note: Horatian satire is playful and soft satire (The Simpsons), whereas Juvenalian is harsh and biting (The Daily Show). It might be appropriate to have students work with some examples to become familiar in categorizing various works of satire.

  • Divide the class into five small groups of 3-5 students.
  • Have them create a spectrum that places the labels of “Horatian” and “Juvenalian” at opposite ends of the spectrum. This spectrum will be used later in the lesson. It would look something like the spectrum below.

Horatian Satire                                                            Juvenalian Satire