America’s Founders Chapbook Series

Unlike traditional biographies, chapbooks in the America’s Founders series emphasize the character, mannerisms, and physical appearance of subjects as seen through the eyes of their contemporaries. Authored by CSAC director John P. Kaminski, critical historical events are described in vivid detail in the elegant prose of America’s Revolutionary generation. Illuminating vignettes and behind-the-curtain glimpses of both well-known and obscure events add new dimension to the drama of revolution and nation-making. Originally published by Parallel Press, an imprint of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Libraries, the marketing and distribution of the chapbooks is now entrusted to CSAC, which is releasing the books in revised editions. This series has been digitized by the University of Wisconsin Libraries’ Digital Collections and are available below at no cost. They are also available for purchase by contacting CSAC at (608) 263-1865 or 263-1818.


Abigail Adams: An American Heroine (2007; 2nd edition: forthcoming December 2019)


James Madison: Champion of Liberty and Justice (2nd edition: 2017)


Thomas Jefferson: Philosopher and Politician (2nd edition: 2019)


George Washington: Man of the Age (3rd edition: 2019)


Lafayette: The Boy General (2007)