Interesting Documents from the Founding Era


This blog on interesting documents of the Founding Era will host short essays by Dr. John Kaminski, along with materials from our Documents of the Month page. Besides being interesting reads for any curious reader, the essays and the documents which are discussed in the essays could form the basis of fruitful classroom discussions on the Founding Era.

Interesting Documents from the Founding Era

  • James Madison Headshot

    The Obscurity of Language

    James Madison wrote thirty of The Federalist Papers. Number 37, often ranked among his most important, analyzed three prominent difficulties faced by the Constitutional Convention. First, the Convention had to identify the problems experienced under …

  • Ebenezer Hazard

    “New Arrangements” at the Post Office

    Recently the U.S. Post Office has become ensnarled in national partisan politics because of the crucial role it is expected to play in the November 2020 elections. This is not the first time that the …

  • George Washington Headshot

    Covering the Constitution

    On 17 September 1787, after four months of intense deliberation, the Constitutional Convention agreed to a unique new federal system of government. Thirty-nine delegates signed the Constitution. George Washington signed as both president of the …

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