Foreign Policy of the Early Republic Conference, 16–17 March 2018

In March 2018, visiting scholars Todd Estes and Sandra Moats joined CSAC staff and more than a dozen teachers to explore the development of American foreign policy during the early republic. Below are recordings of selected sessions and links to documents, PowerPoint presentations, and handouts used during those sessions.

Day One

Frameworks of American Foreign Policy (David P. Fields)

The Beginnings of American Foreign Policy (Sandra A. Moats)

Foreign Policy in the American Revolution: The French Alliance (John P. Kaminski)

  • Article on Benjamin Franklin’s role in the French Alliance.

Foreign Policy in the American Revolution: Negotiating Peace (John P. Kaminski)

Foreign Policy Issues in the Confederation Period (John P. Kaminski; Todd Estes)

  • For further reading on the importance of the navigation of the Mississippi River to early American foreign policy, please see CSAC’s document collection on this topic.

Foreign Policy Issues in the Convention and Ratification Debates (John P. Kaminski; Todd Estes)

Document Discussion Session: Vergennes’ Considerations (Timothy D. Moore)

Day Two

The Beginnings of Foreign Affairs under the Constitution (John P. Kaminski)

The Washington Administration: The Proclamation of Neutrality (Todd Estes)

The Washington Administration: The Jay Treaty and Its Aftermath (Todd Estes)

Document Discussion Session: Pacificus & Helvidius Essays (Timothy D. Moore)